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The journal Music and Arts in Action (MAiA) emerges from international, cross-disciplinary work that takes a wider, holistic approach in researching the dynamic role of music and the arts in social life and cultural experience. Cutting-edge work in this area considers how aesthetic experiences and artistic forms are unconsciously, semi-consciously and actively used by individuals and groups to structure social relations, situations, environments and action. Simply put, how, when and where do music and art do something, how do music and art matter?

Vol 5, No 1 (2016): Special issue: Flirting with Uncertainty, Improvisation in Performance

Table of Contents


Improvisation Among the Discourses PDF
Jesse Stewart 1-4


The Modern Idea of Creativity and its Influence on Music Therapy PDF
Yu Wakao 5-10
Keywords in Musical Free Improvisation PDF
Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen 11-18
Creating a Dialogue through Improvisation in Cross-cultural Collaborations PDF
Griselda Iseult Sanderson 19-37
Musical Improvisation and the Academy PDF
Jesse Stewart 38-44
The Otoasobi Project: Improvising with Disability PDF
Rii Numata 45-51
Playing with Distinction? Music Therapy and the Affordances of Improvisation PDF
Simon Procter 52-69
Spontaneous Lux: Freestyling in Hip Hop Dance and Music PDF
Mary Fogarty 70-80

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